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A feature that you will not find in older InDesign tutorials (InDesign CS3 and older) is the cross referencing feature that makes the job of a designer so much easier. This feature is relatively new, added in InDesign CS4, and it has saved many who work with InDesign the trouble of having to use another program to get their cross referencing done Cross-references; Structure PDFs; Page transitions; Movies and sounds; Forms; Graphics. Understand paths and shapes; Draw with the Pencil tool; Draw with the Pen tool; Apply line (stroke) settings ; Compound paths and shapes; Edit paths; Clipping paths; Change corner appearance; Align and distribute objects; Linked and embedded graphics; Integrate AEM assets; Color and transparenc Cross-References plug-in from DTPtools. This is probably the most powerful and robust of the options, and is surprisingly inexpensive. If you're used to FrameMaker's x-refs, you should definitely check this out. The InXref plug-in from Virginia Systems

Choose Type > Hyperlinks & Cross-References > Insert Cross-Reference. Choose Window > Type & Tables > Cross-References, and then choose Insert Cross-Reference from the Hyperlinks panel menu. Click the Create New Cross-Reference button in the Hyperlinks panel Cross-references, common in technical books, point you to another section of a book for more information. Keeping cross-references up to date as chapters in Keeping cross-references up to date.

CrossReferenceSource firstItem () Returns the first CrossReferenceSource in the collection. CrossReferenceSource item (index: Varies LongInteger String) Returns the CrossReferenceSource with the specified index or name The cross-reference source ends at an em dash (^_) B. false excludes the em dash from the source Beim Einfügen des Bausteins Teilabsatz müssen Sie zwei Schritte durchführen. Geben Sie zunächst das Trennzeichen zwischen den Anführungszeichen ein. Das Trennzeichen ist das Zeichen, mit dem der Absatz endet You could also look at these scripts: http://kasyan.ho.ua/indesign/hyperlink/x_references.html or in-tool's Quick Reference script: http://in-tools.com/products/scripts/ Otherwise, you'd have to delve into CrossReferenceFormats and CrossReferenceSources under the Document object for scripting In my document, 2 is the source text and 67762 is the reference number that InDesign automatically creates. My guess is that at the very least, you could search for instances of Hyperlink:, but perhaps there's a way to identify which cross-references are unresolved

Click where you want to add the first x-ref, the choose Insert New Cross Reference from the Cross-Reference panel menu. Link to: Paragraph Pick the Paragraph style and the specific occurrence of the paragraph you want to reference InDesign cross references Janice Rayment 2018-12-30T16:26:51+01:00. Startseite › Forums › idx software development requests › InDesign cross references. Suche nach: Ansicht von 3 Beiträgen - 1 bis 3 (von insgesamt 3) Autor. Beiträge Janice Rayment. Teilnehmer. 30. Dezember 2018 um 16:26. Post count: 23 #2958. I would like the cross references to appear in InDesign as they are set in. InDesign's Cross-References panel lets you create x-refs such as see Oranges and Apples on page 23. But cross-references have two important limitations: In general, the text you're referencing needs to be on the page (Oranges and Apples in the example above) In general, the text has to have a paragraph style applied to i Cross-references to Text Anchors: InDesign tutorial Learn • Create • Enjoy . tel: 07775 616160 | email: robert15@trainingstream.co.uk . written by robert shufflebotham __ Creating a Cross-reference to a Text Anchor in InDesign Setting up Text Anchors in your InDesign document, then creating a cross-reference to the anchor, is a straightforward process that enables you to create documents. How to use cross-references in Adobe InDesign to automatically number, and keep up-to-date, your contents page

Creating cross references of graphs, figures, drawings, images in InDesign using a one cross-reference format. How to create a cross-reference in InDesign In this live stream, Adobe Evangelist Terry White shows how to create an index in Adobe InDesign CC as well as how to create cross reference entries In case you do cross references to other InDesign documents: Have all related documents always open, that would speed up InDesign If you don't like it, click the pencil button next to the current Cross-Reference Format list. Pick any existing x-ref, delete the definition and add your own. You will see the building blocks by clicking the @ menu. I used (See <paraNum/>.) so that InDesign will reference the auto-number

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